Training & Deployment

Indialer has designedtraining and deploymentservicesthat benefit both the organization and individuals in terms of personal competence and skills,which are directed towards core sustainable business development and competitive advantage.

The training and deploymentprograms of Indialer involve best assessment techniques and application of the international standards in accreditation decisions. The courses are relevant to the delegates involved in the sessions. The course involvescase studies and exercises that reflect general professional disciplines.

Leveraging on the experience of assisting overseas countries, Indialer training and deployment services feature:

  • Comprehensive course materials and invaluable reference source.
  • Customized training as per organization requirement.
  • Efficient and effective need analysis in order to target the intervention.
  • Quality assessment for covering standards and accreditationthrough technical assistance.
  • Reviews and advices on performance within the regulatory framework.
  • Resources capacity building services