Market Research & Talent Mapping Services

Indialer understand the core value of business to executive search and selection by identifying high-caliber candidates. We make potential candidate identification considerably easier process with utmost effective market research and talent mapping services. We get you the best candidates, who fit within the requirement criteria and yourorganization culture,and are likely to accept an offer, within the agreed timeframe.

With Indialer the organization can avoid long and expensive search process to find the lead candidate who might not accept the offer, which would result in both time consumption and opportunity cost. Beingspecializedin the talent mapping services, Indialer is well informed about the niche. we flag up potential issues before starting a search, and develop a clear effective strategy with agreed timescales to resolve them.

Indialer Talent mapping strategic service assists the business to plan for short, medium and long term talent acquisition. It provides quick hire, as we perceive distinctive business challenges, goals and desires that changes every day. Our approach throughout the search and assessment process is done in an open and transparent basis. We provide regular reports to our clients and keep them informed and involved, to ensure that the search process proceeds effectively. The Indialermarket research & talent mapping services feature

  • The detailed understanding to clients to help them achieve a successful outcome during the final negotiation stages.
  • Access to a broader range of candidates
  • Assisting with Multi-language and multi-location consultants with specialist knowledge of vertical teams.
  • Largest market research teams for different sectors, offering expert services that include advanced Talent Mapping.
  • Constantly updated database of the best talent.
  • Work with best-practices and consultants fully-trained to embrace the required standards.