Indialer E-Commerce website designs are built on the purpose of the business offeringwith total customization, So that they work on the web platform perfectlyin line with the business requirements. Operatingwith all the features you need, we build an appropriate e-commerce web design exactly the way you conduct your business. With easy to use interface the website will give you complete control on to your web content.

Apart from that we guide you on the comprehensive functioning of the website and give an ongoing support from our team, along with a dedicated account manager. Based on your requirement we also provideregular performance analysis and statistics.Indialer make E-Commerce website designscustomer friendly and interactive by bestowing them with best features of online stores with systematic workflow required.

Having a solid ecommerce platform foundation for online businessis made easy with Indialer. They are armed with easy navigation with theconferred positioning of the products or services offered by the businesses. The predominant features of Indialer ecommerce website are:

  • A well-positioned search box with quick search options that gives a proper segmentation to the products or services offered.
  • Best graphics banners and images on the site, to attract visitors; Customer focused content with neat display of Products/services on the home page or on the side columns that guides the visitors through the selling process and sales offers
  • Featuring related product/services to the visitors alongside of currently viewed products
  • Allowing the users to subscribe newsletter from the website for the offers and promotions displayed
  • Product/ services detailed display that feature images with details of products/services providing complete information to the customer
  • Listing the products based on their categories, groups and classification
  • Smooth navigation to the userwith friendly access to various sections of the site, along with a quick back link to the shopping cart.
  • Appropriate integration of good payment gateway that assist with full-fledged tracking of the sales process
  • Best user interface for customer login and registration that are flexible and quick.